Ninety-Nine Names of the Beloved

These reflections on the “Ninety-Nine Names of God,” traditional to Islam and the Quranic revelation, support the increased opening of our awareness to all the Generosity and Loving-kindness of the Divine Bestowal. The Divine is so generous with the qualities of Being that in any moment they may be perceived in new ways, in varied intermingled resonances, with different hues, to touch our hearts and minds and souls and bodies, and awaken us in awe. Intimations of the Names, as they arrived within Camille Helminski’s heart, are included here in twos or threes or more, in clusters or constellations of Names, that readers might be encouraged to look and witness again the dancing and singing of all the Names, even beyond the Ninety-Nine here expressed, in all the realms of our existence.

“These poems are inspired by a deep contemplation of Divine attributes,
bright as sparks struck off flint, in Camille Hamilton Adams Helminski’s
blazing encounter with the Ninety-Nine Names of the Beloved.”
~ Michael Wolfe
Author of One Thousand Roads to Mecca

“Through a combination of original poetry and Qur’anic verses, Sister Camille provides us with a vehicle to access the Abode of Truth that lies within each and every human being.  Her book, Ninety-Nine Names of the Beloved, reveals the sublime nature of God—Pure and Exalted is He!—as the Source of the immense Beauty we perceive in the natural world, and in the stillness of a tranquil heart.”
~ Kyai Haji Yahya Cholil Staquf
General Secretary, Nahdlatul Ulama Supreme Council

“Camille Helminski’s Ninety-Nine Names of the Beloved is a work of poetic genius that invites you to look beyond the Names toward the Unnamed and Unnameable toward which they point. Don’t just read this book — savor it.”
~ Rabbi Rami Shapiro
Author of The World Wisdom Bible

“A true gift for the world.”
~ Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault,
Episcopal priest, author of Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening