Words from the East

Words from the East, this first in the series of “Songs of the Soul,” poetic reflections from the pen of Camille Hamilton Adams Helminski, brings us into intimate contact with nature and the Source of Being. Inspired by the beauty of the Quranic revelation and the traditions of the prophets, having immersed in the mystical poetry of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi for many years, Camille brings the reader into those realms of witnessing with her to share in that awe of the miraculous vibrancy of creation.

She reveals a way to open awareness of the sacred in the midst of the ordinary events of everyday life, an unfolding hymn in presence and attentiveness. Her words bring to heart the spirits of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman mingling with the perfume of the Quran something whole and fresh and achingly authentic, catching the breeze of dawn.

We are invited to
“Let go the shaft of daily duty
and grasp the beam of Love.”

Words from the East gently brings the heart into a New World of Grace, Beauty, and Thanksgiving.